brand has been operating in Hong Kong since the year 2000. It started with a fine dining Middle Eastern restaurant “Habibi” on Wellington Street in Central. That was followed by Habibi Café in 2002 and subsequently the openings of counter concessions in supermarkets; Park n Shop, Wellcome and Hong Kong Airport featuring salad, sandwiches and a café.

In  2004 the  central  kitchen opened in Aberdeen and began a supply of wholesale and retail products. Fast forward to 2019 - Habibi group now operates a 100% Halal Production Kitchen focusing on core products as well as “tailor made to order” products for Restaurant chains, Airlines, Universities and large scale food operations in Hong Kong.

With years of experience in counter service, and a multiple of “World Cuisines” Asian, Mediterranean, American and European Habibi offers a wide range of products both “finished” and “bulk” pack to a wide range of customers.

central kitchen is located in Aberdeen with 3,600 sq feet of production and storage space. It includes cold and hot food, salad, sandwich and bakery products. Delivered daily in and around Hong Kong.